The star said that she loves that her character’s “love life is not the centre of their existence”


Stranger Things fans have been in love with Maya Hawke ever since she came onto our screens in her ice cream parlour uniform as Robin Buckley. As the series’ resident lesbian, we have adored watching Robin’s period of self-discovery as we watched her come out. When series four came to a close, we were seriously shipping her with her classmate Vickie. 

Ahead of series five, Maya told Yahoo! Entertainment that she wasn’t too sure about Robin finally getting a romantic, sapphic storyline in the next series. “I don’t know. I feel mixed about it. I feel that it’s both a great thing, but I also love characters where their love life is not the centre of their existence.”

For Maya, the most important thing that Robin should be focusing on is her friendship with Steve who is played by Joe Keery. “That friendship with Steve is so special. And friendships have been carrying me through my life. They’re really important and deserve their air time.”

Some fans weren’t so sure that they agreed with Maya… 

After cancelling several fan-favourite sapphic shows like Warrior Nun, we’re hoping to see some more sapphic storylines on our screens soon. Alongside Robin, we’re also hoping to see some developments in Noah Schnapp’s character Will who has been confirmed as canonically gay. 

There is no release date at the moment for Stranger Things series five, but we’re hoping to hear some more updates soon. 

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