This new case is a move towards further oppression and discrimination for LGBTQIA people under prime minister Giorgia Meloni‘s government


In a saddening development, a northern Italian Magistrate has issued a list of 33 birth certificates of children born to lesbian parents, demanding that judges erase the name of the parent who did not give birth to the child. 

This new case follows in the footsteps of far-right and anti-LGBTQIA prime minister Giorgia Meloni who was elected in 2022. If the case goes ahead, it will be a huge step back for LGBTQIA rights in Italy who legalised same sex marriage in 2016. 

LGBTQIA activist Alessandro Zan told Reuters: “These children are being orphaned by decree. This is a cruel, inhumane decision.” 

If this new ruling comes into effect, mothers could be stripped of their right to pick up their children from school without permission or even be able to keep their child if the parent who gave birth to the child dies. 

While shocking, this new case is not surprising. Giorgia Meloni has been very vocal about her disapproval of “gender ideology” and “the LGBT lobby”. Luca Ciriani, the minister for parliamentary relations, even told RTL radio: “In Italy, marriage is only between a man and a woman, and therefore only the biological parent is the parent whose surname can be registered.” 

On the ILGA-Europe’s 2022 rainbow map rankings, which measures LGBTQIA human rights in Europe, Italy came 34th out of 49 countries. 

A court will rule on this case later this year.

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