We need a reunion for the reunion ASAP


Netflix’s Ultimatum: Queer Love has given us some of the greatest ‘hide-behind-a-cushion’ sapphic drama that we’ve seen on our screens. From #FingerGate to Aussie literally leaving the experiment, we were holding onto the edge of our seats for the final episodes. 

And they did not disappoint. 

If you’re not up to speed with the Ultimatum drama, check out our previous rundowns here and here. Here is our guide to the most dramatic moments of the last two episodes of Ultimatum: Queer Love. 

The Proposals 

Yoly and Mal: We know we weren’t the only ones that had to pause their screens when Yoly said yes to Mal’s proposal. After a rocky six weeks – in which Yoly literally fell in love with someone else – we were expecting to see this couple fall apart by the end. However, while Yoly said yes with her words, we weren’t super convinced that she meant it with her heart.


Our intuition was proven right once we saw Xander and Vanessa end things after four years of being together. Let’s be honest, it was never going to work. We all breathed a collective sigh of relief when Xander finally closed their chapter with Vanessa so that they could work on themselves. Good for you Xander.


Things got really awkward when Yoly reunited with Xander and had to say that she had agreed to marry Mal. Sneaking away from the cameras, the pair shared a tearful embrace at the prospect of being apart. “I’m not in love with Mal in the same way that I’m in love with Xander,” Yoly told the cameras tearfully. #Xoly was our endgame…


Another couple which was caught up in drama throughout the series was Lexi and Rae. After Lexi issued Rae an ultimatum, Rae then proceeded to sleep with Vanessa and the pair were shown to be on the brink of collapse for the rest of the series. However, in a shocking turn of events, we got not one but TWO proposals from this pair. Despite their ups and downs, Lexi and Rae seemed stronger than ever when they put on their engagement rings. We love a happy ending.


Another tumultuous couple was Tiff and Mildred. After having poor communication throughout the series which led to a number of fights, the pair came together for the proposals seeming like they had finally worked out their differences. “Love is a very short word. It’s easy to spell and more difficult to define. But it’s impossible to live a life without craving to breathe its air.” We weren’t aware that Tiff had suddenly become Shakespeare.


And finally, we had everyone’s favourite avoidant couple Sam and Aussie. We really weren’t sure if this pair could make their differences work after a few tense moments of confrontation about their communication issues. This proposal began with an analogy about penguins (as you do) and ended with Aussie proposing with a literal rock. It was cuter than it sounds.


So with a mostly happy bunch of couples, the reunion should have been a breeze. Right? 

The Reunion 

It’s been quite some time since a dating show left us speechless. But this finale did just that. Here are the moments which made us choke on our popcorn. 

Mal and Yoly reveal that they broke up 

Firstly, we need to address the fact that Mal has the best style of any dating show contestant ever. And that’s a fact. Okay, back to the drama at hand. When asked what had happened since their proposal, Mal said that they were: “Happily broken up.” 

Just two weeks after the show (according to Yoly), the pair ended things despite being engaged. There was some serious awkwardness as the pair debated the facts of their break-up. The tension in the room went up even further when it was revealed that Yoly and Xander remained in communication and even met up at Coachella. While #Xoly claimed that they just talked and watched Megan Thee Stallion, it seems like there was a lot left unsaid.


Tiff and Mildred’s big argument 

To be honest, the finale was just Tiff and Mildred shouting at each other. When asked to describe their relationship, they said: “We’re not on speaking terms.”

Tiff and Mildred couldn’t agree on anything. From who broke up with who to allegations of Tiff cheating, we were in disbelief about how much drama could happen after their seemingly happy proposal. The moment that made us stop in our tracks was Mildred admitting that she had been arrested for throwing something at Tiff. We’re just glad that they’re no longer together.


The credit rolls

We nearly turned off the show as the credits began to roll but were left shocked beyond belief by the statement that Lexi and Rae were no longer together. After seeming so loved-up on the reunion itself, it’s clear that after filming something major came up. We need the tea! 

Thank you, Netflix, for giving us enough queer drama to last all year. We can’t wait for season two. 

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