We quite literally couldn’t make this up


The first thing I did this morning was open my laptop, put on Ultimatum: Queer Love, and sit in sheer disbelief for four hours about how much drama can be packed into one series. I thought the first half of the series was intense but these new episodes take it to a whole new level. 

For those who have managed to escape the cultural reset that was watching Lexi put Vanessa in her place, here’s a little recap about the show. The premise is fairly simple:  a bunch of couples come together with one thing in common (other than being super queer) – one partner wants marriage, the other doesn’t.

If you missed all the drama from the first four episodes, check out our round up here before we get into the mess that unfolded in the second half of the series. Get your popcorn ready… and maybe a pillow to hide behind during the cringe-worthy moments. 

Aussie dropping out of the experiment


After an intense confrontation at the dinner table about their lack of communication, Aussie got up and left Mildred and the camera crew behind. The next day panned to Aussie packing a bag and leaving a note before getting the hell out of there. 

“Marriage isn’t the thing I made it out to be. I’m not ready for it. Maybe I’m not ready forever.” 

How did Mildred react? After trying to pretend that she didn’t care, Mildred broke down crying about feeling abandoned. “I don’t want to be here alone,” she said tearfully. 

Mal’s friend not having any of it


In the episode dedicated to meeting their partner’s family and friends, Mal introduced Lexi to their friend Alicia. And it got a bit awkward…

After hearing about the experience, Alicia’s first response was: “Just blink twice if you’re not safe.” Yikes. But things got even more uncomfortable when Alicia heard that Lexi felt a connection with Mal. 

“I’m shocked because Yoly has been that person [for you Mal]. Like, that’s my homie.” 

The awkwardness of The Changeover ceremony


We thought The Choice ceremony was hard. This was 100 times worse. After three weeks of living together, each couple reflected on their time together and what they had learned. 

It started with Aussie and Mildred having a very intense confrontation which Tiff automatically got involved with. And then the real fun started. 

Lexi’s death stare when Rae and Vanessa were sharing their stories about their trial marriage was so frosty we nearly got shivers through the screen. 

Things got even awkwarder when Yoly and Xander shared how happy they’ve been. Mal asked: “Are you excited to come back [to me]?” 

And we all cringed when Vanessa asked Xander for the specifics of their sex life with Yoly. 

Yoly tells Mal that she loves Xander


After getting home from The Changeover ceremony, we got the very teary moment when Yoly admitted that she was in love with Xander. “I love you. I want to marry you,” Mal said in response. “You’re it for me.” 

Vanessa snoops through Xander’s Instagram


And found Instagram DMs between Yoly and Xander. The pair have a very stilted conversation about what they want in their relationship. Vanessa even said: “You talk about having a hard time putting away your feelings that you developed for three weeks with Yoly, but you didn’t have a problem putting away the feelings you developed for me for four years.” Ouch. 

Yoly and Xander seeing each other after their trial marriage ended


We could feel the chemistry through the screen. Even after they had both been getting along with their original partners, we could still feel the love between Yoly and Xander. 

The episode ended with a very heated argument between Mal and Yoly about their future. We don’t know who to ship anymore! Yes, we love Xoly, but seeing Mal in tears doesn’t feel right either. 

The cliffhanger


Netflix, you are a cruel mistress! Does Yoly say yes? Does Lexi propose? Will Sam and Aussie make it out together? Will Xander end up with Yoly? The 7th of June could not come any quicker! 

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