The Booksmart star has shared details about her May nuptials


When Beanie Feldstein got engaged last year we were so excited because who doesn’t love to see sapphics in love? Now that she’s officially married to the lovely Bonnie-Chance Roberts and has been sharing all the details, we are literally over the moon. What a gift for us to get in Pride month! For me, it feels like every time a queer couple gets married, the world becomes a brighter place. Of course marriage does not hold the same meaning for every LGBTQIA person, but there is something so wonderful about getting to celebrate your love so boldly and have it be recognised by the people in your life.

Just a few days ago on 1 June, Vogue published an interview with Beanie and Bonnie where they spoke about their love story and what their wedding was like. The two first met in London in 2018, when Beanie was auditioning for a role in Bonnie’s production, How To Build A Girl. After she got the role, they ended up building a friendship which quickly turned into a relationship.

Beanie said, “From the moment we first kissed, we both knew we would get married and months after that, Bon had announced that when the time came, she wanted to be the one to propose to me”. It is so beautiful when you meet someone and you can instantly choose to commit yourself to them, and here at DIVA, we are so glad that Beanie and Bonnie’s intuition about their future together was absolutely correct. I mean, talk about love at first kiss!

Here’s a look at the stunning couple…

The wedding took place on 20 May at the couple’s “happy place together”, Cedar Lakes Estate in the Hudson Valley.

In the interview with Vogue, Beanie said, “I grew up going to summer camp for 10 years, and my parents and both sets of my grandparents met at summer camp, so camp is a lineage of love through the generations of my family. Even though we met in London and fell in love on a film set, to get married at a camp was a truly beautiful emotional homecoming.”

Beanie also explained, “We are both proud Jewish girls, but we didn’t have a rabbi or cantor that we felt knew us both equally and that was very important to us to get married by someone who could capture and reflect us both equally”. The lovebirds actually ended up choosing to be married by their “guncle” (gay uncle) Charles, who Beanie very affectionately said “captured [them] as a couple so brilliantly.”

We at DIVA are so glad that Beanie and Bonnie were able to have the wedding of their dreams, congratulations to the happy couple!

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