The actor and activist talks to Roxy Bourdillon about sex scenes and standing in his truth


It’s Valentine’s Day 2014 and Elliot Page is onstage at the Human Rights Campaign conference in Las Vegas. He’s wearing black skinny jeans and a t-shirt with “All love” printed on it. He looks a little anxious – he will later go on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show and admit that this is the most nervous he’s ever been in his entire life and that he’s terrified he’s about to have a panic attack. Nevertheless, he remains resolute. He takes a deep breath. There is a tremble in his voice as he tells the audience, and the whole world, “I am here today, because I am gay.”

A heartfelt cheer goes up. Spectators rise to their feet. For almost a full minute, Elliot can’t get another word out. The applause is too deafening, the moment too monumental. This simple yet profound revelation is a love letter to our community and, even more so, to himself. Until now, he has kept his sexuality secret, being careful not to touch women too much in public and asking girlfriends to leave buildings by different exits. But with that single sentence, he is liberated.

My Days Of Mercy is on digital platforms now.

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This article was edited in December 2020 to reflect Elliot’s transition.

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