You can nominate women to be included in their 2023 power list


A joint project pioneered by the international DIVA Media Group, A Tech and A Room Of Our Own association, in collaboration with Transiot Israel and Bat Kol, invites you to nominate and celebrate the most influential lesbians in Israel.

The organisers say: “We all have an opportunity to take part in establishing a new tradition aimed at strengthening the women of the LGBTQ+ community”

Women will be celebrated who lead and pave ways in their respective fields of activism, media, science, business, technology and the arts.

“The project was built in collaboration with and inspired by the DIVA project in accordance with the Israeli audience,” explain the members of Room Of Our Own association, “In Israel there is a convention that when you add an asterisk next to the word – the reference is to an umbrella. For example – women* is a face to the entire umbrella of women. Here for the first time we used lesbian* to appeal to all women on the lesbian continuum.”

“You are invited to submit your nominations today. All of the names put forward will be put to a ranking committee and a judging panel, so that by the end of the process we will publish the list of proud lesbians* and supporters of the LGBTQIA community, who shall proudly hold our mark and represent us by being the most influential in Israel.”

You can nominate here. The list of selected nominations will be published at the end of the week and the winners will be announced at the concluding event, 17 May, 2023.

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