What an iconic way to tell the world


Community star Alison Brie and husband Dave Franco did a BuzzFeed’s Celebs’ popular series called “Celebs Read Thirst Tweets” for their recent film Somebody That I Used To Know. The couple read out dirty tweets about themselves to each other, which was cute until Alison subtly mentions that she’s bisexual.

Let’s give you a little context here. Dave read out a tweet that said, “Listen, I am bisexual for a reason, and that reason is strictly to be used in a threesome by Dave Franco and Alison Brie,”

The couple high-fived each other and that’s when the moment we’ve all been waiting for happened. Alison said, “That’s also why I’m bisexual.”

Like it’s no big deal, as though none of us have been rooting for it since we saw her on Community. Or from the saucy scene with Aubrey Plaza in the film Spin Me Round (2022).

After she revealed this, Dave laughed and said, “You’ve been waiting for this tweet from someone you don’t know who they are or what they look like?”

She laughed at her own revelation and said, “Yeah.”

And her husband politely concurs saying, “Yeah. It makes sense, it checks out.”

Let’s not forget, Alison Brie has been a wonderful ally of the LGBTQIA community, well, we can’t call her an ally anymore, can we? But she has been vocal about LGBTQIA rights for a while now. In 2020, on GLAAD’s Spirit Day she posted on Instagram with the caption, “Every day I stand with LGBTQ youth against bullying, but TODAY I wear purple to show my support! Harassment and bullying have no place in our schools, homes, or hearts.”

We love a purple queen, and we love Alison Brie for being so nonchalant with who she is and how the world sees her.

Twitter went wild when they picked up on the news and it is only wise to share some of the most hilarious reactions that people have tweeted.

As you can see, some people are definitely not surprised and some others are … hopefully alive and well. Alison Brie coming out as bisexual may have been the most fun Twitter storm we’ve seen in a while and we love her for creating it.

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