Are you an LGBTQI-owned small business? The organisation is here to help you grow


The UK’s biggest small business membership organisation Federation Of Small Businesses (FSB), has just launched a brand new digital resource hub that not only supports and encourages LGBTQI entrepreneurship, but promotes inclusivity in workplaces as well.

The FSB Let’s Grow Business Together initiative has been backed by Equalities Minister Mike Freer and prominent LGBTQI business campaigner Iain Anderson, the Executive Chairman of Cicero/AMO. 

Being your true self at work can be challenging when you are part of the LGBTQI community. Research by the Chartered Institute Of Personnel And Development has found that 40% of LGB+ workers and more than half (55%) of trans workers have experienced workplace conflict and harassment, compared to 29% of heterosexual, cisgender employees. A study by the Government Equalities Office also found that nearly a fifth (19%) of LGBTQI employees had not been open about their sexual orientation or gender identity with any of their colleagues at the same or lower level, rising to 30% with any senior colleagues and 57% with any customers or clients.

It’s no surprise that many LGBTQI people have turned to running their own businesses in order to feel more comfortable and avoid the risks of prejudice and discrimination that come up within the corporate world. With that said, entrepreneurship is no easy task (even if Gentleman Jack’s Anne Lister makes it look so). Thankfully, FSB is here to offer support to LGBTQI owned small businesses. 

Here’s a little more about what the hub offers:

  • The FSB campaigns to end barriers faced by some LGBTQI focused businesses in finding appropriate insurance
  • First-hand insights from LGBTQI small business owners 
  • FREE downloadable resources for small firms to communicate that they are an LGBTQI friendly business
  • Dedicated networking events to promote and support the UK’s LGBTQI entrepeneurs

FSB’s Chief of External Affairs, Craig Beaumont said: “It is a sad reality that barriers, discrimination and subconscious bias are still faced by many in the LGBT+ community.” 

“The intention of FSB’s ‘Let’s Grow Business Together’ digital hub and our new national LGBT+ business networking events is to support, celebrate and encourage LGBT+ entrepreneurship, as well as providing guidance for small firms more generally on ensuring they are and remain inclusive businesses.”

Mike Freer MP said: “People that are able to feel themselves at work are free to realise their full potential.”

“We’ve seen fantastic examples of businesses fostering inclusive environments where LGBT people can flourish.” 

“The ‘Let’s Grow Business Together’ digital hub will bring businesses together to share resources and expertise, celebrate LGBT entrepreneurship, and ensure real positive change for LGBT people in the workplace.”

“FSB has played a leading role in aiding the government’s efforts to engage with the LGBT+ small business community, and was instrumental in the creation of the role of LGBT+ Business Champion.”

Iain Anderson said: “I think it’s just fantastic that FSB is creating a hub around LGBT+ issues so that businesses can show best practice, so that they can buddy up. And frankly, like any business owner, you want to do more business, so if this is a way of, at the same time, allowing faster progress on LGBT+ at work for the small business sector, I think that’s fantastic.”

Find out more about the FSB digital resource hub here

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