One of the biggest global club nights refused to be beat by COVID-19, here’s their tips and tricks for keeping social media alive


One of the most ubiquitous club nights on the global circuit over the last few years, Glitterbox was born in Ibiza in 2014. An inclusive party that welcomes all to the dancefloor, it was a refreshingly colourful newcomer to the clubbing world at the time. Against a backdrop of confetti showers and high production drama, the party’s soundtrack is a shimmering mix of house and disco for discerning dance music lovers of all generations and persuasions. 

Yearly residencies in Ibiza have grown an increasingly loyal following, creating demand for parties around the world which, in the year that 2020 should have been, would have included hundreds of events in New York, Amsterdam, Hannover, London, Croatia and many more, plus festival stages at the world’s biggest dance events, all heartbreakingly cancelled due to the pandemic. 

In March and April 2020 when inevitable events cancellations and nightclub closures began, Glitterbox’s social media team quickly pivoted. While also taking part in the Defected Virtual Festival, a series of weekly live streams which reached nearly 19 million people over 10 weeks and raised $1.2 million for the WHO’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, Glitterbox got creative. 

Motivated by a wish to continue uplifting its online community of over 600,000 people, Glitterbox mobilised the alternative skills of its crew of club kids, dancers and drag queens that give the Glitterbox parties its unmistakable energy. 

From dance tutorials to drag make-up lessons and general isolation tips, the beloved Glitterbox queens went live across IGTV. Unable to connect in person, or to let loose on the dancefloor, the Instagram Live series offered some lockdown escapism, and a feeling of solidarity to all those in isolation. Using this time to channel their creativity, the Glitterbox ambassadors shared their skills and used the opportunity to get to know their fans better. 

One of Glitterbox’s ambassadors who really took this in her stride was TeTe Bang, an unmissable fixture on stages, catwalks and podiums at Glitterbox events around the world. Also the showstopping drag superstar of Channel 4’s Drag SOS, TeTe has an Instagram following of 22.3k.


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What five top tips do you live by when using Instagram? 

TETE: 1. Be authentic, there is nobody like YOU! So why try to be anyone else!? I think people are drawn to people who are authentic to who they are, it shines through your actions so stick to who you are. 

2. Be creative. There are endless things you can use as content, there is no right or wrong thing that can be used as content. Your niche hobby that you think no one wants to know about just might be the thing that makes you stand out. 

3. Be inspiring! There are enough trolls and keyboard warriors on the internet trying to drag people down. I always aim to inspire others in ways I would want to be inspired while I’m scrolling through my own feed. Be the light you want to see in the world (or on your feed). 

4. Be consistent. Engagement and consistency is important if you want people to see your content, social media can be a bit of a game, so keep conversations open and flowing. 

5. Spread the love! If you love someone’s work then tell them! Comment and interact with people, show support for other creators in a way you would like to be supported, that is how you create community and really connect with people.

How would you describe your relationship with social media? 

Social media can be a place I can go to get inspiration and keep up to date with other artists I love. But it can also be addictive and sometimes impact on my own mental health, I try to make sure I do not put too much pressure on myself to feel the need to constantly keep up with everyone else and I’ve made an effort recently to only follow pages that inspire me as opposed to people who just post selfies.

How have you used lockdown to experiment with content? 

Lockdown has allowed me time to show people the process of how I create costumes and art as opposed to just the final outcome. In the normal fast paced world of nightlife I don’t often have time to show people how I make things or what my creative process is so it has been really good to be able to show people another side to me. I also took up rollerskating during lockdown and I have been sharing my journey with my followers which people have responded to really well, although it’s not what I’m known for it’s been great to see that people are also inspired and interested in the other facets of my life that aren’t just drag, so it has really encouraged me to share more of myself.

Tell us about the tutorial you did for Glitterbox’s IGTV series. 

In my Glitterbox IGTV tutorial I really just wanted to get people to use their imagination and get their creative juices flowing. Being an uplifting voice in a time of uncertainty and often bad news is what I really wanted to do for people. I did a simple craft- along, showing people how they can create something out of nothing and hopefully help to Inspire them to craft and create.

Finally, Digital Marketing Assistant Katie Goodman, who produced Glitterbox’s lockdown content, reveals her step by step guide for making your IGTV pop… 

KATIE: IGTV is a great way to share longer content and build engagement. IGTVs can be uploaded either via the IGTV app (simply search IGTV on the App Store), from your Instagram feed or via desktop. 

If uploading via a mobile device you only get 10 minutes, but you can have up to 60 minutes and larger files if uploading on desktop – the most convenient way is via your newsfeed, so here are my instructions for getting started that way: 

1. Tap the + button at the bottom of your newsfeed and choose video longer than 60 seconds. 

2. Select share as long video and begin recording. This allows you to post the full-length video on IGTV. 

3. Once you’re done recording, choose your video’s cover image from one of its frames. Alternatively, you may choose an image from your gallery. But remember it will crop to square if you choose to preview it on your wall, so choose with that in mind. 

4. Fill out the title and description for your IGTV video. You’ll also now get the option to post a preview of your video on your wall. 

Top Tips

* Remember to film in portrait. Landscape videos can be uploaded but the platform is designed for portrait. 

* You only get limited characters for your title so keep it short and engaging! 

* You can’t tag in the video like normal video uploads, so any tags will need to be made in the caption. 

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