DIVA meets Emma Seligman, the director of this horny, dark and queer AF film


Are you tired of watching comedies and dramas that focus on very cisgender and heterosexual coming-of-age stories? Are you glad that we’re getting more LGBTQIA teen characters to root for onscreen but wish they were allowed to be as horny and flawed as their cishet peers? Well, I have good news for you. The highly anticipated and unapologetically queer high school film, Bottoms, is *finally* out in UK cinemas. So run, don’t walk to your closest cinema to witness this must-watch film.

I got the chance to speak with director Emma Seligman ahead of the UK release, and here’s (some) of what she had to say about getting your next fave sapphic film made. Psst… there’s more Bottoms goodness coming up in the December/January issue of DIVA.

DIVA: It’s not easy getting queer stories told. Was it challenging getting a film that centres horny queer women green lit?

Emma: Yes and no. It was hard in that no one wanted it, except for the studio that green lit it, Orion, which is run by a queer woman, Alana Mayo, who’s incredible. So I think it was hard in that no one else got it. But it wasn’t hard, in that women like her are in power now and have the ability to green light these stories. I feel very grateful for how it went down.

Your film Shiva Baby is just as iconic as Bottoms. What was it like to work with Rachel Sennott again? 

It was amazing. Rachel and I started writing Bottoms and I started writing Shiva Baby, both when we were students. So to be able to enter the industry with her and be writing – so many different stages of our lives and careers occurred while we were in this writing process, from when she was doing comedy in New York, and I was babysitting up until when we were in living in LA together – it’s been a really wonderful journey to have alongside my best friend.

What do you hope teenage LGBTQIA folks take away from the film? 

I hope they have fun and are able to see themselves onscreen while having fun and not thinking too hard.


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