Join me in fan casting some awesome queer icons into the MCU


The Marvelverse is becoming more inclusive, allowing more viewers to see themselves portrayed through our heroes. Last year’s Eternals made history by having the first onscreen kiss between a same-sex couple as well as casting the first deaf actor to play a superhero in the MCU. The next instalment of Doctor Strange premieres next month, and it will introduce America Chavez who is canonically out as a lesbian in the comics. Thor: Love And Thunder is also coming out later this year and is set to explore Valkyrie’s queerness. 

In the hopes that the MCU continues to serve up LGBTQI representation, here are some actors who I’m dream casting as super queer heroes in the Marvelverse. 

Golda Rosheuvel 
Of course, I have to start with Bridgerton royalty, Golda Rosheuvel. The actor is a big Marvel fan and in her March interview with DIVA, she shared that she’d love to be cast in the next Eternals film. When asked what she’d like her superpower to be, she could see it being something of the mind.

Kristen Stewart 
KStew is another actor who has previously shared interest in joining the MCU. In the Twilight franchise that catapulted her to fame, we saw the actor portray a character with defensive powers. If she ever joined the Marvelverse, I for one, would love to see her unleash more offensive abilities.


Hunter Schafer 

Hunter’s Euphoria co-star, Zendaya, is already part of the Marvelverse. Wouldn’t it be great to see these two share the screen again in another universe? The actor has previously commented on wanting to see “Marvel-Level” projects about trans people which sparked a wave of fan casting from Spider-Gwen to Polaris.  

Ella Hunt 

Similarly, Ella’s Dickinson co-star, Hailee Steinfeld, was recently added to the MCU and I think Ella would be a stellar addition to the Marvelverse. I’d be happy to see this sapphic icon take on any type of character or supernatural ability, but as a fellow Taurus, I’d love her to have an elemental earth type power. 

Jacquline Toboni 

Long before I fell in love with Jacquline as Finley in The L Word: Generation Q, I was a huge fan of her role as Theresa Rubel AKA Trouble in Grimm where she proved she could most certainly kick ass. I’m sure the actor would thrive in the MCU. For any comic book fans reading, ever since seeing Jacquline rocking blonde hair, I can totally see her taking on a Lucifer type character from The Wicked And The Divine graphic novel series. 

Vico Ortiz 

Non-binary icon, Vico Ortiz has wowed LGBTQI viewers in The Syed Family Xmas Eve Game Night and The Sex Lives Of College Girls. US audiences also loved their portrayal of Jim in Our Flag Means Death. Whilst it would be great to see Vico behold a range of supernatural abilities, myself and other non-binary friends have often said our dream superpower would be shapeshifting. I do think it would be an interesting ability for a non-binary/genderfluid actor to explore and Vico could definitely ace it. 


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