Filled with wit, charm and an inclusive cast, what more could we ask for?


A man and woman bump into each other and immediately butt heads. Due to unforeseen circumstances they end up stuck in each other’s company. They find themselves in a bar and the drinking begins. A one night stand ensues. It’s a story we’re all familiar with seeing on our screens. It’s nothing new. But the new BBC show, Cheaters, breathes some new life into the familiar tropes.

Josh is reeling from his girlfriend having an affair with another woman. He books a flight to Finland where he meets Fola, a blunt and sarcastic travel writer. Their trip home is delayed which results in a passionate one night stand. What Josh doesn’t know, is Fola is married. To make matters worse, when they both return home they realise they are neighbours. Both Fola and Josh navigate their yearning, guilt and multitude of feelings in different ways as the butterfly effect of their actions escalate.

Each 10 minute episode is perfectly paced, packed full of laughs and is exactly the type of post-pandemic show we all need to binge. It’s also super queer with multiple LGBTQI characters within the cast. Oh, and podDIVA fans, if you aren’t already sold, your co-host Victoria Broom steps into the role of Karen.

Ever since The End of the F***ing World released its last episode, I’ve been hungry for more short-form comedies. Cheaters masterfully takes on this form in its depiction of its range of characters and the situations they find themselves in.

What are you waiting for? Cheaters is available to stream on BBC iPlayer!


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