I never knew how much I needed to see Jesus in sparkly golden boots…


I knew I had missed this show, but it wasn’t until being reunited with these characters that I realised the depths of how much of a gap had been in my life since we last saw Eve and Villanelle. When we last left these two women, they were standing together on a bridge. Villanelle wanted to stop killing (or try to) and Eve realised everyone has their own monsters. They agreed to walk away from each other, but both turned to look back, unable to truly let go.

So let’s dive into what went down in the first episode of the final season! (SPOILERS)

A lot has clearly changed. We follow someone obscured by a helmet, holding a gun and threatening to shoot anyone who stops them from confronting Konstantin. It’s shot in a way that is nostalgic of previous episodes when following Villanelle on various killing sprees. But when the helmet is removed we see that it is Eve, and viewers are left as shocked as Konstantin. A lot has certainly changed since we last saw her.

Villanelle always has great first scenes within each season and this one is the most unexpected. She’s on a mission to become a good Christian woman. Living with the vicar and his daughter May, who is very much yearning for “Nelle”. That is until she gets a glimpse behind the mask and has her own near death experience courtesy of Nelle’s murderous impulses.

When we see Carolyn (played by lesbian icon Fiona Shaw) she’s grief stricken after the loss of her son. That said, she still knows how to deliver the best lines. When having her daily to-do list read out to her she says, “I can’t promise I’ll do any of it. But if I do, I shan’t be sober.”

Fiona is desperate for revenge and upon realising that Eve is set upon this too, she tries to recruit her for help again. Though Eve is reluctant. Villanelle is sad that Eve missed her christening and confronts her to say that she forgives her and then continues to pray for her. Eve says that she’s not the same woman and then continues to slap her around the face and walk away. But will it be for good this time?

By the end of the episode Villanelle finally finds Jesus. Decked in glittery golden heeled boots, colourful robes oh, and her very own face. I guess she took the phrase “Jesus lives in us all” literally.

Whilst Killing Eve has attracted a large LGBTQI fanbase over the years, some have critiqued the show for queer baiting. But viewers certainly seem a lot happier with the trajectory of this episode and the hints of what is to come with the rest of this final chapter.


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