I cannot express how excited I am for this adaptation.


Since the very first graphic novel came out in 2018, LGBTQI readers have fallen in love with the characters that Alice Oseman presents within the books. The story follows Charlie, a young boy who is still processing being outed to their entire school. When Charlie meets rugby-loving Nick, their unlikely friendship blossoms into an unexpected romance. The friendships presented in the story are just as beautiful as the romances. Charlie and Nick’s diverse pals all navigate their own and very relatable journeys. From starting a new school as a trans girl, dealing with how people treat you differently once they find out you’re a lesbian and navigating anxieties of the dynamics of your friendship group changing.


Book adaptations usually fill me with nerves in the lead up. But the first look images released by Netflix today has assured me that my favourite characters are in good hands. If you’ve read the books, you’ll appreciate how much of a phenomenal job the casting director has done. There’s no official release date yet, but we will get see the magic of Heartstopper on our screens this spring!


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