Black love rarely gets celebrated in the mainstream, Black queer love is ever rarer


This week has been full of devastation. Our thoughts are with all those suffering around the globe at the moment. With so many human rights and LGBTQI rights being violated, it still feels important to take a moment to acknowledge the steps forward that have occurred. Such as Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts being the first same-sex couple to feature on the cover of Essence magazine. Black love rarely gets celebrated in the mainstream, Black queer love is ever rarer.

Mrs & Mrs Betts (Niecy has taken Jessica’s last name but has kept Nash for professional use) both look gorgeous, bold and striking on the cover.

In the interview when asked about how Jessica makes her happy, Niecy reflects on how her wife accepts her “all the way around, good, bad or indifferent” and adds: “I feel like the assignment happened in the spirit realm before we ever knew about it.”

Jessica shares that she feels this acceptance too too, “All of me is loved—and not just the part that I present, but the part that I don’t necessarily show to everyone else.”

And whilst we’re talking about weddings…

Ever since Kristen Stewart got en-gay-ged last year, KStew fans have yearned to find out more details about the big day. Well, last week, the star opened up about her wedding plans.

Logbooks podcast

We can learn a lot about the present and our future by looking back on the past. In case you missed it, here’s last week’s episode of podDIVA where editorial assistant Eleanor Noyce is joined by Tash Walker and Shivani Dave from the award-winning podcast The Log Books.


Today marks the end of LGBT+ History Month as we head into International Women’s Month, artists Bee Illustrates and Eliza Hatch present group show that reminds us of the power in using art as a tool for advocacy.

LGBTQI lives in Ukraine

Last week, Kyiv Pride put out a demonstration of defiance following Russia’s invasion on Ukraine. As history has taught us, LGBTQI people and other marginalised groups face higher risks and this impacts their ability to access support during times of emergency. GiveOut has activated an LGBTQI Emergency Fund to support OutRight Action International’s appeal. If you can, please consider donating.

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