This came after UKBP set the record straight on Twitter


Earlier this year, Pride In London announced its return after a three-year hiatus and in celebration of its 50th birthday. The event was marketed as a collaboration with UK Black Pride (UKBP). This was not the case, and UK Black Pride set the record straight tweeting: “We are definitely not collaborating with or in partnership with Pride in London. We’ll announce our date and the location of our event in due course. If you’d like information about UK Black Pride, UK Black Pride is the best source for that information.”

So what did Pride In London do? They quietly released this statement weeks after the announcements of the collaboration. Within the piece they “clarify” what supporting UKBP means for the organisation.

In the statement, Pride In London mentions the We Will Be Heard Survey and their plans to donate and support. Whilst this is good news, I also view it as the bare minimum. As a queer Black mixed-race person, I find it jarring that an organisation can praise a survey whilst also not listening to the very communities whose voices it aims to uplift.

As DIVA publisher Linda Riley stated in her tweet when sharing the news, the organisation has much work to do to rebuild the trust of their community. Former Pride In London staffer, Rhammel Afflick, resigned over its failure to act on racism or listen to the voices in the organisation calling for more inclusion of marginalised voices. In his interview states that almost a year on, nothing has changed.

What can they do? UK Black Pride founder, Lady Phyll, consistently shares her insights on allyship and what this looks like. Also, as the organisation already knows – the results of the We Will Be Heard Survey are available. Whilst it’s great that Pride In London is giving donations, and this should continue, the organisation needs to do far more. Listen, learn, unlearn, uplift and change.


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