Pride in London is set to take place on 2 July 2022. UK Black Pride have staunchly denied all involvement


Today, Pride in London has announced that it will be returning to the streets of England’s capital on 2 July 2022. After a three-year hiatus, it will return to celebrate its 50th birthday. Though the organisation has marketed it as a “collaboration” with UK Black Pride, UK Black Pride have staunchly denied it being either a collaboration or a partnership.

“We are definitely not collaborating with or in partnership with Pride in London. We’ll announce our date and the location of our event in due course. If you’d like information about UK Black Pride, UK Black Pride is the best source for that information”, the organisation confirmed via Twitter.

UK Black Pride is Europe’s largest celebration for African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and Caribbean-heritage LGBTQI+ people. Led by Lady Phyll, its 2021 event took place over three days, from Friday 2 July to Sunday 4 July. Honouring the theme of “Love and Rage”, UK Black Pride celebrated the persistence of love and positivity, in spite of it all.

“We’ve seen first-hand over the past year our communities’ persistent commitment to each other; the ways we show up, in big and small ways, is nothing short of inspiring. We continue to show what it means to love, to love hard and to love against the odds. We are also raging, disappointed and tired. Our communities continue to be overlooked and undervalued, tokenised and discarded. From constant gaslighting to this country’s steadfast refusal to address and redress structural and institutional racism, we have a lot to be mad about”, UK Black Pride elaborated.

The original tweet announcing the so-called “partnership” has since been deleted. Today, we stand in support of UK Black Pride whilst anticipating the release of its 2022 dates.

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