The Hysterical exhibition will remind us of the power in using art as a tool for advocacy


Social media drains me. I’ve succumbed to far too much “doom-scrolling” in the comments sections, especially during the pandemic. But Bee Illustrate’s Instagram profile serves up some much needing big queer energy when I need it most to balance out all the gloom. Their colourful art reminds me that queerness should be celebrated, bodies are beautiful and everything will be okay.

So you can imagine my joy when shortly after discovering them I found out that they are teaming up with photographer Eliza Hatch (founder of Cheer Up Luv) to present their debut group show Hysterical, a charity group exhibition. It will celebrate both women and those within marginalised genders whose work in centered on community, activism and uplifting the voices of those around them.

The exhibition will showcase works by creatives from multiple disciplines including photography, illustration, film, textiles and digital media. Artists include: Alice Skinner, Tayo Adekunle, Florence Winter Hill, Alia Romagnoli, Linnet Panashe Rubaya, Iga Bielawska, Eleanor West, Samiira Garane, Beth Suzanna, Charlie J Fitz, Sara Jardine, Josie Devine, Ophelia Arc, Florence Poppy Deary, Eliza Hatch and Bee Anderson.

The show aims to subvert the notion of being deemed “dramatic” or “attention-seeking” as well as reclaiming words that have historically been used to oppress people of marginalised genders when speaking out about the issues we face. The theme of this year’s LGBT+ History Month was Politics In Art. So it is divine timing that such an exhibition should take place and remind us all of the power in using art as a tool for advocacy.

Hysterical is open to the public from 25 March – 3 April at No Format Gallery, Deptford, SE14 6BN


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