This is set to be a truly stunning performance, DIVAs


Get excited! The trailer for SPENCER, the long-anticipated drama following the life of Princess Diana, has finally been unveiled. Set for release on 5 November and directed by Pablo Larraín, it stars the ever-magnificent queer icon Kristen Stewart as Lady Di herself, alongside Sean Harris, Sally Hawkins, Jack Farthing and Timothy Spall. This is truly a star-studded cast, folks.

SPENCER explores the moments that the marriage of Charles and Diana began to crack. With their relationship having grown cold long ago, an attempt at peace is made for the Christmas festivities at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate. Diana has increasingly become a media sensation, much to the dismay of the palace, and she knows that this year, things will be different. The façade of eating, drinking, shooting and hunting is almost up: SPENCER is an imagination of the events that may have unfolded.

Princess Diana is a figure held dear by many. A complex character, she has recently been portrayed by Emma Corrin in The Crown, and it’s now Kristen Stewart’s turn to take the baton. Fans have been left astonished by her version of Princess Diana, and it’s safe to say that she’s mastered the doe eyes and the soft English accent.

Whether it’s for her playfully candid moments, her iconic cycling shorts, or the time Freddie Mercury snuck her into the Royal Vauxhall Tavern dressed in drag, Lady Di holds distinct meaning for the LGBTQIA+ community. During the HIV/AIDS crisis which hit its peak during the early 1990s, Princess Diana opened the UK’s first HIV/AIDS unit at Middlesex Hospital in London, and completely dismantled stigma by refusing to wear gloves. An unprecedented move during a period of intensely homophobic media coverage, Diana knew the facts, and she’s been held dearly in the hearts of the community ever since.

SPENCER will be released in UK & Irish cinemas on 5 November 2021 following its UK premiere at the BFI London Film Festival on 7 October 2021. To keep up with the latest news, follow SPENCER on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This is set to be a stunning performance.

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