The huge amount of funding will allow the team to develop and expand the business further 


myGwork, the business community for LGBTQI professionals, graduates, inclusive employers and anyone who believes in workplace equality, has raised £750,000 in a funding round led by 24Haymarket. The investment will allow myGwork’s founders, Adrien and Pierre Gaubert, to grow the team, develop the existing service offering further, to expand the business further in the UK and to sign up new clients overseas where there is already clear evidence of demand.  

In the future, they plan to use the funding to design and deliver a new app, develop myGwork’s much-requested mentoring offer and bring on new team members to focus on myGwork’s growth over the next two years.

myGwork has been active in ensuring its members, partners and sponsors receive maximum value in and support from myGwork during lockdown, by maintaining a vibrant job marketplace targeted at LGBTQI professionals; providing learning, insights and best practice for LGBTQI inclusion in the workplace. 

24Haymarket has appointed Andy Robertson, former Global Sales Director for drinks industry giant Diageo, as Investor Director. Andy brings over 25 years of experience in strategy and sales. 

Pierre Gaubert, Co-Founder of myGwork said: “The investment reflects a sustained interest within the corporate space to continue the great progress made concerning diversity, inclusion and equality. 

“It has been an important year for myGwork. We’ve really had to prove to our members, funders and sponsors that we are a resource worth investing in, financially and professionally. The investment from 24Haymarket shows that workplace inclusion and equality for LGBT+ professionals is still very important to LGBT+ professionals and investors alike.” 

Adrien Gaubert, Co-Founder of myGwork added: “myGwork has had a really great and demonstrable impact on workplace equality and inclusion for LGBTQ+ professionals, but we’re very aware that we can be doing more, with the right support. The products we offer have to be in tune to not only the changing world around us, but with how businesses and professionals are actually living and working. The development and delivery of the myGwork app is the next step in our growth, and we feel confident we’re continuing to demonstrate myGwork’s leadership in this space.”

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