If Tiger King and eternal The L Word re-runs aren’t your bag… 


By this point in #Queerantine, you’ve more than likely already burned through the best part of Netflix, Amazon Prime, On Demand and Disney+. In a time when the screen in front of us is more than a gateway to different stories, but a way of seeing the outside world full stop, new LGBTQI+ content is more important than ever.

There are only so many times you can re-watch The L Word before it becomes a little bit of an issue (just kidding – you can watch it on a loop for always. That’s completely acceptable behaviour). Still, if re-runs aren’t your bag… 

A Secret Love 

This new Netflix documentary tells the bittersweet story of lesbian couple Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel. The couple were forced to keep their lifelong relationship a secret for over six decades – even from their closet family and friends. The couple met all the way back in 1947 in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League when Donahue was 22 years old and Henschel, 18. Due to the societal attitudes towards lez/bi women at the time, the pair were forced to keep their relationship a secret for fears of their own safety – and they remained this way for decades. The pair only came out three years ago, when Donahue was in her early 90s and Henschel her late 80s.

A Secret Love documents their experience of ageing together, reminiscing on their lives together and exploring what it is like to have been an LGBTQI+ person in America over the last 60 years. The documentary was directed by the couple’s great nephew Chris Bolan and produced by Ryan Murphy – well known for his LGBTQI+ content, including Glee, Pose and American Horror Story. 

If it’s emotional trailer is anything to go by then this doc will be a total tearjerker. A heart breaking portrayal of lez/bi life lived in secrecy, true love and the freedom in finally being able to be yourself.    

When’s it out? 29 April 2020

The Half Of It 

Directed by Alice Wu of Saving Face fame, this new Netflix film is a completely modern rom-com. Described by the streaming service as a “warm and witty tale”, The Half Of It follows shy teen Ellie Chu (Leah Lewis) who agrees to write love letters for a jock – but what she wasn’t expecting, was to fall for the girl he is trying to impress… 

Following on from the phenomenal success of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Netflix is continuing its venture into the young adult film market. This time, however, it puts a young queer woman front and centre. While the film is certainly romantic, it’s more than a generic girl-meets-girl plot brimming with queer longing. It also explores the platonic friendship between Ellie and Paul Munsky (Daniel Diemer), “the jock”, and the sort of male-female dynamic that is not often represented in Hollywood. As the trailer boldly states: “Not every love story, is a romance.” 

When’s it out? 1 May 2020

She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power 

Since its debut on Netflix back in 2018, She-Ra has gained a cult following of adults and children alike. A reboot of the 1985 She-Ra series, the show has received critical acclaim throughout its run for its diverse and complex representations of race, gender, sexuality and body types. Returning for its fifth and final season in May, this last outing for the show will aim to conclude all of its major plot lines. 

She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power is set on the planet of Etheria and follows horde solider Adora, who accidentally discovers she is the destined to be the next She-Ra – the legendary protector of the planet. Joined by a colourful cast of characters with fantastical powers Adora attempts to protect the planet whilst still learning to navigate her new mythical powers. 

Since its release, the show has been praised for its representation of the LGBTQI+ community. Throughout the series, there are many non-so-subtle hints to same-sex attraction between characters, as well as the crystal-clear representation of cannon queer relationships. Alongside this, a non-binary character (voiced by non-binary actor Jacob Tobia) is introduced in the fourth season, whose they/them pronouns are adopted without question. With its vibrant animation, adventurous storytelling and progressive characterisation, She-Ra is a crowd pleaser for all ages.

When’s it out? Season five premieres on 15 May 2020 

The Prom

Although there isn’t an explicit release date for this Ryan Murphy-led musical-comedy, Netflix film, we can still start to get excited about it… 

The Prom is based on the Broadway show of the same name and, the film follows four down-and-out theatre types who are looking to revive their careers through a charity cause. They find their cause in Emma Nolan, who is banned from taking her girlfriend to senior prom. And so, the crew head to Indiana to help the lez/bi teenagers. 

With a stellar cast including Meryl Streep, James Corden, Nicole Kidman, Andrew Rannells and Keegan-Michael Key, this Netflix outing is set to be a toe-tapping, all-singing, queer extravaganza – and we, for one, can’t wait.

When’s it out? Mid-late 2020

Also, keep your eyes peeled for…


Staring Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan. Set in 1840s England, an infamous fossil hunter and a young woman are sent to convalesce by the sea and develop an intense relationship, altering both of their lives forever…

Mid-late 2020

Happiest Season 

Staring Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis: “a young woman plans to propose marriage to her girlfriend while attending her family’s annual holiday party. At the party, she realises her girlfriend hasn’t come out to her conservative parents yet…” Merry Christmas, everyone.

25 November 2020

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