Our fave lez/bi couple is taking the next step, so it’s time to take a trip down memory lane…


We’ve watched them fall in love, get married, make a documentary, go on tour, write a book and Rosie’s hair colour change between blonde and ginger numerous times over nine whole years.

Let’s reminisce about their journey together as they’re about to embark on the next chapter. 

The beginning – October 2011

Rosie slid into Rose’s DM’s asking if she was single all the way back in 2011. (They had already met at Rosie’s Halloween party, which Rose gate-crashed in 2007 but were both in relationships at the time). 

They went to watch Paranormal Activity at the cinema for their first date and kissed in the carpark afterwards. According to this video, Rose fist-pumped all the way home. 😍

By the third date, they had made their first YouTube video together and the rest is history. 

Rose proposed – June 2014

Who remembers when this happened? Twitter absolutely blew up and we can see why. This proposal is just the sweetest and Rosie’s “Is this real life?” reaction is the BEST. 

Wilma Snow joined the family – December 2014 

This one is so precious. Watching Rose and Rosie fall in love with Wilma is unbelievably heart-warming. We can tell just from how much they bonded over her that they’re going to make great parents. Favourite Rose quote of the video: “It is exactly like The Sims, isn’t it?”

Their wedding day – March 2015 

The day we had all been waiting for. Rose and Rosie got married at a beautiful stately home, four years after they got together and it looked like the most perfect day. We dare you to watch this and not tear up a little bit. 

The video has been watched two million times and it’s an overwhelmingly joyful and beautiful celebration of their love. 

They bought their first house together – June 2018

In June 2018, Rose and Rosie moved into their new house and six months later we were treated to a fully furnished house tour. If they weren’t already couple goals, seeing their gorgeous house has made us reach peak jealousy.

They changed their surnames – April 2019 

Say hello to the Daughtons. Just when you thought they can’t get any cuter, they combined their surnames.

The pair revealed on their YouTube channel that they have decided on a married name. Rosie even hinted she would love them to have their own reality TV show called Daughton Abbey. YES PLEASE. 

They found their sperm donor – November 2019 

After nine years together, Rose and Rosie are now on the cusp of starting their family. They’ve officially chosen their sperm donor and we are so happy for them.

They say in the video that they will be sharing plenty online about their experience starting a family as a lez/bi couple, stating, “We want to make it as easy as possible for other people.”

We’re so excited that there could be a baby Daughton coming at some point soon. It’s so amazing to have been a part of their journey for so long and this chapter has the potential to be the best one yet.

Follow their incredible journey over on their main YouTube channel and their vlogging channel. 🌈

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