Hundreds of people from all over the country came to hear the candidates explain why the LGBTQI community should elect them


Tonight DIVA attended and supported the first ever LGBT+ Labour hustings, hosted by LGBT Labour and presented by PinkNews.

For the first event of its kind, members of the the public previously submitted questions on LGBTQI issues online that were asked to those running in the upcoming election for Labour leadership and Deputy leadership.

Hundreds of people came from all over the country and watched the livestream online to hear the candidates explain why the LGBTQI community should elect them as their leader.

We can’t always trust that our leaders will stand with and fight with us but this was the potential leaders chance to address where they stand on various LGBTQI issues and how they plan to bring Labour back to power.

Questions ranged from issues regarding homelessness, hate crimes, conversion therapy and the Gender Recognition Act with, helping us to find out what the party will look like for queer people over the next decade.

Despite some disruptions from audience members, candidates managed to fight against these issues and make positive and convincing cases for what they will achieve if they become the next Labour leaders.

Here are some of our highlights from the event and stay tuned for some exclusive interviews with the candidates over the next coming days.

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