The candidates running for Labour leadership will be questioned on LGBTQI issues in Manchester


The first ever LGBT+ Labour Hustings event will take place in Manchester next week.

The event, presented by Pink News, will be hosted by LGBT+ Labour and supported by DIVA.

Open to all leadership candidates who reach the final ballot on Friday 15 February, the hustings is a chance for those running to be put to the test and address LGBTQI issues such as homelessness, conversion therapy, international rights and the Gender Recognition Act.

It will also be crucial that candidates outline their vision for the Labour Party going forward and illustrate how they are going to return to power, as Labour faced its worst election result since 1935 last year.

Tickets are available to LGBT+ Labour members, wider party members and members of the queer community, and the hustings will be your chance to find out where each candidate stands on the issues faced by LGBTQI people. 

Members of the public can submit questions for the candidates online here, and watch the event live as it will be streamed by PinkNews on Thursday 20 February. 

PinkNews CEO Benjamin Cohen said: “At a crucial time for our country, the 2020 PinkNews LGBT+ Labour Hustings are a unique opportunity to hold the Labour leadership and deputy leadership candidates to account on their policies for LGBT+ rights.

“In an environment where political discourse is dominated by Brexit, it is vital that we support initiatives that enable us to focus on LGBT+ rights, as such conversations are fundamental to the life of the LGBT+ community as well as the community at large.” 

Cohen added: “We hope this first-of-its kind hustings will lay the foundations for how all political parties choose their leaders in the months and years to come.”

DIVA publisher Linda Riley said: “DIVA is delighted to partner with PinkNews at the Labour LGBT+ hustings and look forward to hearing the views of the future Labour Party leadership on LGBT+ issues.”

Get your tickets here.

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