The LGBTQI superhero we’ve all been waiting for is here and boi, is she queer


Batwoman’s lesbian identity has always been a large part of her story. For many, she’s seen as a queero whose sexuality can’t be separated from her character. 

Also known as Kate Kane, Batwoman is Bruce Wayne’s cousin. Her main superhero training came from her time in the military where she was kicked out based on the fact she refused to ignore her lesbian identity while she was a soldier. When given the opportunity to hide her queerness, she chose to leave the military in order to live her best, queer life. 

One of the great things about CW’s new Batwoman television show is that they kept that part of her identity and also chose a prominent member of the LGBTQI community to play the role – the one and only Ruby Rose.

Despite criticism from the media saying that Ruby Rose “isn’t queer enough” to play Batwoman, we think she’s done a bloody good job. 

The show chooses to highlight the internal struggle that Kate faces with her identity but it’s a reversal of the standard acceptance of sexuality on TV. She doesn’t have any concern about claiming her sexuality and she embraces who she is – flirting with women even on duty. 

It’s only when she’s faced with new commitments that she feels she has to hide a part of herself from the people around her. Unlike most superheros, her job comes before her love life. 

Ruby wants to normalise Batwoman’s queer identity.

“It’s not about a gay superhero. It’s about a superhero,” she stated in an interview with Glamour.

She also plays Kate in a fun, dynamic way and she’s certainly got enough of an edgy attitude and soft butch presentation to pull it off. Rose went on to say that queerness is, “Definitely part of who she is, and it’s definitely part of the story and establishing why she’s not in the military anymore.”

It’s also great that in the new show, Batwoman’s love interests are actually a big deal. This is the first time we have ever really seen a lesbian character going on multiple dates and having multiple romantic interests in a mainstream TV show. 

She’s even involved in a lady love triangle. Can you really think of another time that has happened in a show with such a wide-reaching audience? Her dating life is just as important as the superhero aspect, making this a groundbreaking show for LGBTQI representation. 

Batwoman is the perfect queer superhero and to queer women, she’s both a hero and a role model.

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