The heartbreaking (fundraising) print exhibition comes to Soho this November 


The aftermath of Maxwell Fine’s curiously self-destructive relationship drove the idea for ROBBED, an exhibition showcasing their own creative and colourful prints in London’s Soho.

This brand new exhibition is a deeply personal project inspired by the courage of their partner who remained in the closet. It’s the product of an experience of love and loss that was inevitable right from the very start.

The text contained within the prints is taken directly from Maxwell’s real-life conversations from the intense parts of a sacred relationship that was destined to be cut short, unable to flourish into something meaningful as it was instead steeped in shame and unfulfilled promises. 

Maxwell’s previous partner was paralysed with the fear that revealing his sexual identity would push his family away, which is unfortunately still the case for many people within the community. 

ROBBED will feature 12 limited edition screen prints and one unique lightbox sculpture that aims to fight the stigma around various LGBTQI issues, including coming out and mental health within the community. 

Maxwell turned to Switchboard LGBT+ helpline for support on handling the situation and now Maxwell Fine Studio is proud to support the organisation. 

A percentage of all sales will be donated to their vital work – from coming out, to sexual health, any confidential topic can be discussed with the Switchboard team on 0300 330 0630, 10am-10pm or online.

The exhibition will be shown at 15 Bateman Street, Soho, W1D 3AQ, from the 22-24 November 2019 and you can find all the details here if you want to check out the stunning prints IRL. 

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