So, you’ve made the big decision – now what?


So, you’ve made the big decision – that you want to start building your own little family and that you need a sperm donor to help you achieve this dream. What now? Where to start and what to consider?

It can all seem very overwhelming at first. But not to worry, Cryos are here to guide you.

Do you want to speak with like-minded people?

You’ve probably already talked with your friends, family or both about your decision. Most people also choose to seek out like-minded people to talk to before embarking on their journey towards parenthood. It’s a great idea to have someone who you can ask questions of, that other people don’t necessarily understand or have knowledge about.

In order to help people get in touch, Cryos has created an online community where you can communicate with like-minded people. You can visit that Facebook Group, Family Dreams, here

Do you want the child to have the same characteristics as you?

How important is it for you, that your child shares the same physical characteristics as you or your partner? For many, this is an important factor when choosing a sperm donor. Of course, you can never know exactly what characteristics your child will acquire, but in order to get the most comprehensive idea of what your child might look like, Cryos offers the possibility to view pictures of selected sperm donors as adults.

The photos can be a great insight into what your donor’s real physical appearance shapes up to be and what your child could look like when they’re older.

How important is the donor’s medical history? 

Not all men can become sperm donors. All Cryos’ donors are tested for infectious and hereditary diseases prior to them being accepted as donors. You can find the test results under each donor at Cryos’ webpage. Moreover, you can also see the medical history of the donors’ closest relatives in the donor’s extended profile. This way you can get an insight into the donor’s family history. 

Want information about donor’s interests, education and values?

There has been some information suggesting that some interests or talents may be linked to genetics, however this is not something we can say with certainty. Either way, you could think about the donor’s interests and talents as characteristic indicators of their intellect, ambition, competencies and skills.

If you wish, you can read about these in the donor profiles (also called: extended profile) on Cryos’ webpage. Ask yourself, what is important to you and what would fit well with you and your partner as a family?

Should it be possible for your child to contact the donor in the future?

Your personal situation and your child’s future both affect whether you choose a donor who is willing to be contacted or one who wants to remain as anonymous possible. If you choose an ID Release Donor your child will have the opportunity of getting identifying information about the donor from Cryos, when he or she turns 18.

Some people are comfortable and encouraging of the child being able to contact the donor, whilst others prefer to have no contact at all. This is a very personal choice. 

And remember…

When you find the right sperm donor for your future family, remember to reserve donor sperm for future treatments and possible siblings.  

If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact Cryos at: +45 8676 0699 or

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