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Whether or not you’ve been actively seeking out Barbie content, the chances are that your social media feeds have given you glimpses into the Barbie world that so many of us will be entering on 21 July. That’s right ā€” there are less than three weeks before we pull on our pinkest outfits and get ourselves all dolled up before heading to our local cinemas to see what magic Greta Gerwig has brought to us! To make sure you’re all prepared, we’ve put together a collection of some of the most exciting details and promotional content for the upcoming film. You can thank us later…

OG Barbie references

In the Barbie teaser trailer, Margot Robbie wears a black and white swimsuit which references the outfit that the first Barbie doll was launched with in 1959!

Barbara Handler, who inspired her mother Ruth Handler to create Barbie, has a cameo in the film. The part of the trailer when an old woman tells Barbie, “Humans only have one ending, ideas live forever”, yeah that’s Barbara!

Then there’s also everything about the Barbie dreamhouse… Get into this Architectural Digest video with Margot Robbie if you haven’t seen it already.

Margot and Ryan being born for their roles

Surprise promotional gold

If you’re like us and you’ve dreamed about living in the Barbie dreamhouse… the opportunity to stay there will be coming this month. Keep an eye on the Airbnb social media for more information.

This gorgeously pink bus that Twitter has been obsessed with ā€” where can we get a ride?

For anyone who has been desperate for their Xbox to be dripping in Barbie pink, you might have the chance to win this exclusive Barbie console. Follow the Xbox Twitter account for more details about this!

Last but not least, these cars have been added to the Forza Horizon 5 video game, so if you want to race in style, your time is coming.

Dress up screenings

Finally, some cinemas will be holding specific dress up screenings. Of course, we were going to get dolled up regardless, but it’s good to know we won’t be the only ones.

Visit the Picturehouse website to find out more about their dress up screenings and plan your Barbie day!

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