From King Princess to Hayley Kiyoko, these queer GIFs paint a thousand words


Sometimes a GIF says it all, amiright? And, luckily for us lez/bi and non-binary lot, some of our very favourite lezgends, bicons and queeroes have gone to the trouble of making bespoke GIFs using their own fair faces and bods, and expressing a whole host of emotions so we don’t have to.*

*It’s probably a lot healthier to express your emotions IRL.

Anyway, whether you’re a pro at the art of “GIFage” or you need a few pointers to get you started, it’s always best practice to have a few essentials stashed in your digital library – and what better theme to build upon than some of our fave, queer celebs? (You’re so welcome).

Christine And The Queens – aka Chris

Just fallen in love? Turning down a job offer? Feeling emotional and need to let your pals know? Our Chris has got your covered on all of the above. It must be said she has a real… je ne sais quoi as a floating head.

King Princess

A little less flexible than Chris’s selection, you’ll have to reserve your VHS-inspired KP GIFs for conversations focusing mainly around floating in the clouds, golden, silk pyjamas and, um, wearing golden silk pyjamas while floating in the clouds. Niche.

Hayley Kiyoko – aka The Lesbian Jesus

I mean, Hayley’s your human if you want to have a detailed, GIF-based convo. The Lesbian Jesus really has the whole range of human emotions covered in her official GIF selection, but here’s just a few to get you started.

Marika Hackman

Much like The Lesbian Jesus, Marika’s GIF selections are old classics by late 2019 standards, but they’re also an eclectic bunch. Perfect for having a flirt, dishing out a slow clap or expressing a “D’oh!” moment – all the essentials, really.

Queer Eye – The Fab Five

The Fab Five will always have a place in our hearts – and our WhatsApp conversations. They’ve really aced it, it has to be said. Take your pick people, there’s really a JVN for every occasion.

(I’m not sure what’s happening to Karamo in the last GIF, but it’s definitely a handy one to have in your repertoire, kids).

You’re welcome, world.

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