Ain’t no lie baby, bi, bi, bi… Pride is here!


On Saturday the 7 September 2019, the Round Chapel in Hackney will become home to the UK’s first ever… (drum roll please) Bi Pride!

With just over a week to go, DIVA caught up with a few of Bi Pride UK’s volunteers putting in the hard graft towards making this historical event a reality…

Chair and co-founder of Bi Pride UK Abigail Kay

Who’s this then? Abigail, Chair and co-founder of Bi Pride UK. Pronouns: they/them.

What does Bi Pride mean to you? Creating a space where being bi is celebrated, where it doesn’t matter who you’re attracted to or who you’re in a relationship with – you are enough. Feeling safe enough to stand up and say, yes, this is me, and I love who I am.

What part of Bi Pride are you most looking forward to? Stepping up on the main stage in the afternoon to thank the team of volunteers who made it all happen, and looking out over a sea of faces who are there because we made it happen. I’m also looking forward to welcoming my brother to the event – it will be his first Pride, and he’s coming along to support me, which means so much.

Fave #bicon? Freddie Mercury, of course – or Stephanie Beatriz.

Pink, purple or blue? It’s always been purple.

Who’s this then? Karen Pollock, Diversity and inclusion Lead, Event Access Manager. Pronouns: they/them/their

What does Bi Pride mean to you? It means challenging the attitudes and prejudices which still hold so many bi, pan and queer people back from full participation in the LGBTQI community and taking up space so long denied.

What part of Bi Pride are you most looking forward to? Bi flag slushies!

Fave #bicon? He may be fictional, but the impact of Captain Jack being multisexual on a prime time TV show? It still makes my heart soar.

Pink, purple or blue? Purple!

Who’s this then? Zed Spencer-Milnes, Event Manager. Pronouns: he/him/they/them

What does Bi Pride mean to you? There is an increasing amount of people who don’t exclusively identity as heterosexual or homosexual. As labels are becoming less important within youth demographics, the old societal shackles of stereotypes need to be broken. Even today there is widespread rejection of multi-gendered attraction and those who have the confidence to come out are often labelled as promiscuous or told they are just a “phase”. Statistics show that this increased pressure and judgement, from both within and outside the LGBTQI community has negative effects on the mental health of people within the community. We need to accept that sexuality is not binary and we need to welcome all members of the community no matter who they’re attracted to.

What part of Bi Pride are you most looking forward to? The team here have put a tremendous amount of work in to make this event happen. We have two great stages, a community village of stalls and some very tasty food and drink on site. The venue we have in Hackney is stunning and the local community have been very welcoming. I just can’t wait to welcome everyone to what I’m sure is going to be an amazing day!

Fave #bicon? What on earth is a bicon?

Pink, purple or blue? Isn’t that the whole point that we don’t have to choose? [Touché].

Who’s this then? Michael Cerasi, Head Of Stages. Pronouns: he/him.

What does Bi Pride mean to you? An opportunity to celebrate who we are and raise awareness.

What part of Bi Pride are you most looking forward to? Welcoming my community under one roof. 

Fave #bicon? Frida Kahlo.

Pink, purple or blue? Blue has always been my favourite colour. 

Who’s this then? Sam Watts, Event Producer. Pronouns: she/her.

What does Bi Pride mean to you? Bi Pride has been an integral part of accepting myself and coming out. As a young queer woman, I never saw anything positive about people who experience attraction beyond gender and because of that I had a lot of internalised biphobia. If I would have had the opportunity to have experienced something like Bi Pride during my teenage years, it could have changed my life entirely.

What part of Bi Pride are you most looking forward to? Can I say everything? So many people have poured their hearts and souls into Bi Pride and there are so many thoughtful and interesting parts of the day for us to enjoy as a community and to celebrate together. 

Fave #bicon? Alice Walker.

Pink, purple or blue? Purple!

Who’s this then? Lev Alexander, Media & Comms Manager. Pronouns: he/ him.

What does Bi Pride mean to you? Acceptance, love and respect. I’m so excited to be helping with this amazing project to celebrate bi people. 

What part of Bi Pride are you most looking forward to? I can’t wait to see a lot of bi and pan flags, smiley faces, amazing acts and a HEALTHY dose of bi pride.

Fave #bicon? Dan Levy’s character in Schitt’s Creek, David! It’s nice to see a bi/ pan character who isn’t a sex-crazed sociopath on screen.

Pink, purple or blue? All of the above. And a yellow thrown in for equal measure for the pan flag!

Bi Pride takes place on 7 September 2019 in Hackney, London – get your FREE ticket here. For more information, visit Bi Pride UK’s Facebook page here, their website here, or follow them on Twitter @BiPrideUK.

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