This week’s debrief also includes Ashnikko and Eva Crocker


Did anyone else feel like this week dragged on? Thankfully Friday is here and we’ve got a whole host of amazing new queer releases to get to grips with. This week has provided enough new music to fill an entire playlist so get ready to have Spotify on hand! 

MUSIC: Victoria Monét – Jaguar II

She’s done it again. Victoria Monét is back with her album Jaguar II to bring us some new summer bops. The On My Mama singer has also announced the Jaguar Tour (spoiler alert: she’s even coming to London!). This new album will feature previously-released singles such as Smoke and Party Girls. 

BOOK: Back in the Land of the Living by Eva Crocker

This “sexy, unforgettable story about love and longing in a time of chaos” follows its central character Darcy as she navigates life as a young queer woman living on the brink of lockdown. It tackles issues such as the crises of late capitalism, the climate apocalypse, and the Covid-19 pandemic all while digging into the deep complexities of queer identity. 


The singer-songwriter and rapper Ashnikko, who brought us sapphic hits like Slumber Party, has just released her new album. WEEDKILLER is a commentary on environmental disaster and the rapid evolution of technology, and provides a vulnerable but sometimes joyful rebellion against dystopia. 

BOOK: Cold Girls by Maxine Rae 

Following 18-year-old Rory Quinn-Morelli, Cold Girls tackles the grief and pain of survivor’s guilt. After she survives a car crash where her best friend, Liv, tragically passes, Rory is left with unspeakable dilemmas about the secrets Liv left behind. 

MUSIC: Ice Cream – Lucy & La Mer

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter, bisexual and mental health advocate Lucy & La Mer released her new single Ice Cream earlier this week. With a ukulele backing track, Ice Cream is all about the anxieties and excitement of falling in love. 

“As an anxious person, I’m constantly overthinking in relationships,” Lucy explains. “Like, what if they find out that I’m not what they thought? What if I get insecure and sabotage the whole thing?!” When someone with anxiety falls in love, it’s like this new wonderful thing… that you now get to worry about constantly.”

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