Don’t miss this five-star hour of explosive joy


Fringe Fatigue meant I almost never made it to see Two Hearts. 

It was the eighth show of my day. Venue seats designed for Kylie-sized behinds meant my massive arse was killing me. Re-mortgaging my flat had been necessary to pay for the burger and half cider I’d had for lunch. And I was ready to deck the next person that shoved a flyer in my face.

So it was with some reluctance that I dodged the not so young and the far too restless, and made my way to the Cowgate.

Was it worth it? Emphatically YES! It was an hour of explosive joy! Despite the small audience, performers Laura Daniel and Joseph Moore launched themselves onto the stage as if it was Murrayfield Stadium. They popped, fizzled and crackled their way through their parody of pop.

This is musical cabaret at its finest. Biting satire in the lyrics made me smile wryly, as Daniel and Moore emulated today’s popstars with their misguided belief that singing a catchy song, wearing a raunchy outfit and cutting some sexy dance moves would resolve the worlds social, political and economic issues.  

It’s not a surprise that Two Hearts has been nominated for the prestigious Billy T Award. They are the perfect duo with Laura as the flamboyant front woman, with Joseph the wind beneath her wings.  

If you want major kudos for knowing the best Fringe shows, recommend this one to your friends and take them along. Then head onto CC Blooms because you will certainly be in the mood for dancing.

Book soon – I predict this one will be a sell out!



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  1. Sounds like an uplifting show not too be missed…. getting my dancing outfit ready as I buy my tickets for this one

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