“Don’t be afraid to be silly, to be weird, and to (literally) make a clown of yourself”


On 1 August, one-woman comedy show Jinkies! was brought to the Camden Fringe. Cute, silly, and dressed as a clown, Louisa Keight took over the stage in a performance full of energy and love.

The show combines musical elements, a bit of politics, and plenty of pop culture. Keight performs as a variety of characters, pointing out the stereotypes of society, from vegans to northerners. The most refreshing twist? She does it all without being the least bit offensive, managing to defend those who are the butt of the joke, while still being hilarious. The condescending men who dominate the industry could learn a thing or two from her.

Her lip-syncing was masterfully done, gesticulation and miming adding to the visual experience. She switched smoothly between music, political audio recordings, and even current memes, constructing a narrative in the process that felt relevant and relatable.

Her piece on Patrick Swayze and the film Ghost was a personal favourite, her jokes referencing an impressively wide variety of pop culture, making for a complex and heartfelt performance.

The message of her show came across well in her words and costume: don’t be afraid to be silly, to be weird, and to (literally) make a clown of yourself. It is hard for young, bisexual women to be taken seriously in any job, but it is perhaps even harder in comedy, where the balance between taking yourself seriously and not being serious at all is a delicate one.

But, of course, Keight struck the balance well, expertly confusing the audience’s feelings by being seductive in a clown costume and acting out a plethora of characters who would never be seen wearing face paint. Her willingness to be playful and twist the rules of comedy here and there made us appreciate her all the more. And, let’s be real, head banging to a hard-rock song on stage she made for a pretty cool clown.

Jinkies! by Louisa Keight will be at the Camden Comedy Club for two more nights on 2 and 3 August. Tickets available here. Don’t miss out!

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