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Over the past year, young people from Allsorts Youth Project have been producing a podcast about what it’s like growing up and identifying as LGBTQI.

It’s made by LGBT+ young people for LGBT+ young people and it’s about time us LGBTQI folk got a bit more representation in the big wide world of podcasts. 

Allsorts Youth Project supports LGBTQI youth, and those who are unsure of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity, through offering a non-judgemental space where everyone can feel valued and safe. 

The brand new podcast, Allsorts Of Thoughts, is a way of reaching out to young people, and reassuring them that they aren’t alone.

Presenters, Colin and Ray, chat through a variety of topics, as seen through the eyes of LGBTQI youth in an entertaining and inclusive way.

“We are using our safe space to create your safe space,” says Ray. 

Over the series, the pair reflect on their lived experiences, such as attending Pride for the first time, coming out and being a part of the Allsorts Youth Project. All topics which LGBTQI youth may never have approached before and may have difficulty discussing with their peers or parents.

Young people from Allsorts Youth Project have created a fun and entertaining first episode discussing all things Pride. There’s many episodes to come and plenty more to discuss on this funny and inclusive podcast. 

The first episode is available here and will be making its way to all other major platforms soon. 

Make sure you check it out and tell all your queer pals 🌈

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