“I’m very in my purpose. It feels right”


Ashlynn Malia is a singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles whose music reflects emotionally on her own experiences. Navigating topics from social anxiety to self-worth to finding meaning in songwriting, DIVA Publisher Linda Riley caught up with Ashlynn at Etheridge Island in Cancun, Mexico for an exclusive interview. A week jam-packed with LGBTQI bands, meet and greets and more, DIVA was proud to media partner with the inaugural event.

DIVA: Could you describe your music in three words?

Ashlynn: Introspective, emotional and I’d say it is vibey.

DIVA: How long have you been playing gigs?

Ashlynn: I had been playing gigs for about a year since I came out with my EP back in June 2021.

DIVA: We’re here at Etheridge Island, how does it feel to be playing here?

Ashlynn: It feels wild honestly, I keep waking up in my hotel and being like “am I really here because of music? Did this really happen?” But I feel so happy and energised, that’s how it’s feeling to be here, it’s surreal.

DIVA: Etheridge Island and Melissa Etheridge herself has a huge LGBTQIA fan base. What does it mean to you to provide this platform and support LGBTQIA women and non-binary people through your music?

Ashlynn: It means everything! I’m just really grateful to be here and playing with this audience right now. I identify with women in the LGBT community, and I have had a great time watching LGBT people here coming together. It’s very freeing and beautiful.

DIVA: Let’s get Ashlynn over to the UK! So, what has your music journey been like?

Ashlynn: So, it started pretty early in life – I always felt really drawn to music and to singing especially. I was in choir as a kid and my family had a music school, so I learned different instruments because of that. I was kinda like the guinea pig for when a new teacher would come into the music school, my family would have me test them out and take a lesson from them. Through that I ended up learning about six instruments. Then when I was a bit older, I had some mental health problems and some intense anxiety, and I didn’t know how to channel it or do anything about it. I discovered that writing helped ease that ache and make everything a little less scary. I could take my thoughts that terrified me, put them out on paper so I could see them, and they weren’t taking over my life anymore. And then I’d turn them into music, it gave me my power back and it’s a really big tool I use for healing.

DIVA: How do you feel when you’re on stage?

Ashlynn: Excited! I feel at home every time. Even if it’s a nerve-wracking moment before I go on stage. Every time I’m on stage I feel like, this might sound super hippie crystal-girl of me but like I’m very in my purpose. It feels right.

DIVA: Having LGBTQIA role models are so important for visibility. What has your coming out journey been like?

Ashlynn: I guess I never really did come out. I’ve been living my life and I keep learning about myself, I wouldn’t even say that I have a strong label yet. All I know is that sexuality is very fluid, and gender is fluid as well and I’m just excited to be learning more about myself. I do identify as female, but I have major respect for the ideals of being non-binary and I love the idea that we have identities beyond the genders we were assigned. I find that to be an incredibly freeing thing, testing those boundaries.

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