Are Bette and Tina back together? Who does Kehlani play? What’s happened to Finley’s hair?!


Brace yourself, DIVAs. The L Word Gen Q season three trailer dropped last night. Judging by the fan reaction online, you’re as excited as we are:

The cast are pretty happy too:

Teasingly, the trailer leaves us with questions:

  • Are Bette and Tina back together?
  • How the hell did Shane and Alice nearly kiss?
  • Are Bette and Tina back together?
  • What role will Kehlani play?
  • Are Bette and Tina back together?
  • Will Maribel and Micah have a baby?
  • Are Bette and Tina back together?

There’s one question that’s on everyone’s lips (hint: it’s the one about Bette and Tina).

Season two left us with a cliff hanger. Tina turned up at Bette’s door and asked, “Are you in love with me?” The trailer starts with a Bette voice over saying, “So many of us struggle but our time here is limited”.

Sounds prophetic and slightly ominous.

We see a repeat of the #Tibette season two finale which ends with Tina leaving and Bette screaming. This only leaves us with more questions.

There’s a gorgeous moment that looks like Maribel and Micah could become parents. Maribel says, “I wanna have a baby but I don’t want to push you into something you’re not ready for”. This is so exciting and another win for diversity in the show. We can’t wait to see what happens.

Other highlights:

  • Carrie rocking an excellent bowling shirt
  • Some fab new faces
  • Finley’s got dark hair
  • Shane and Alice nearly kiss!

There seems to be a question mark over our fave power couple #Gini’s relationship. I guess we’ll have to tune in to find out more.

The L Word: Generation Q season 3 streams on Showtime from 18 November 2022.

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