The internet has gone wild for this video of Kathryn Hahn staring at Rachel Weisz, set to the Carol soundtrack.

The viral video was made using clips from last month’s The Hollywood Reporter 2019 Actresses Round Table, where both women were looking stunning in red. Hahn cannot take her eyes off Weisz – I mean, who can blame her – even gaping open-mouthed at one point.

A climax is reached when Hahn reaches across and touches Weisz’s chair, described by one fan as “SENSUALITY”. In addition to the excellent choice of soundtrack, the carefully crafted fan video includes captions such as “y-yeah”, “*gay staring*”. When the two women clink their mugs together, there is even a caption reading, “To gay rights!”

Weisz has recently had two major queer film roles, Ronit in Disobedience, and Sarah Churchill in The Favourite, bringing her firmly into the lez/bi limelight. Let’s just say Kathryn Hahn hasn’t been the only one swooning over Weisz.

The tweet sharing the video has already stacked up more than1.9M views and 13,542 Retweets. Fans are calling it the latest example of “gayzing”, a term that was used to describe images of Kristen Stewart looking adoringly at Cate Blanchett at the Cannes Film Festival last year.

The husbands of these two incredible actresses had better watch out: if this hilarious video is anything to go by, there is some serious chemistry between this pair.

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