The pop star speaks out after her new track is hailed as a “bisexual anthem”


Ariana… *might* be bisexual?! The 25-year-old pop star said that she doesn’t “feel the need” to use labels after her new track has been dubbed a “bisexual anthem”.

The new song, Monopoly, a collaboration between Grande and fellow singer Victoria Monét, features the lyric “I like women and men,” used by both artists. Monét is openly bisexual, but it is unclear if the lyric is meant to describe just her, or both women.

When questioned about the lyric by a fan on twitter, Grande refused to define her sexuality, saying “I haven’t before and still don’t feel the need to now. Which is okay.” Previously she has dated the male actors Graham Phillips and Pete Davidson.

Fans have had a mixed response to the song, some rejoicing in the “bisexual anthem”. One fan said “Ariana Grande might be bi……..20biteen is serving!”

But are we getting our hopes up too soon?! Some users have called the song “queerbaiting”, one user expressing concern at her “profiting off the LGBT community”.

Grande came under fire in February after it was announced that she was to headline Manchester Pride. Responding then to a tweet accusing her of “exploitation of the LGBT community,” Grande did not disclose her sexuality. She said “I want to celebrate and support this community, regardless of my identity or how people label me”.

The mystery of Ariana Grande’s sexuality continues, then. Although, maybe this comment on Victoria Monét’s Instagram offers a shred of hope?!

When a fan asked “Is she bi or nah?” in the comments of the post, Grande’s collaborator responded “she said what she said”. So… she does like men and women?! The jury’s still out. But we’ll still be singing along to those lyrics at the top of our voices whenever we get the chance.

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