Gay Twitter’s gone wild and so have we


When filming began for Elizabeth Banks’ Charlie’s Angels reboot in September 2018, we could hardly believe that Kristen Stewart was in it. Now, some stills from the film have been released and our gay hearts are quaking. Any day where K-Stew tops the agenda on gay Twitter is a great day.

With blonde, cropped hair, Kristen’s character, Sabina Wilson, looks like a badass. Hopefully, she’s queer, but nothing of the sort has been confirmed yet. Elizabeth, if you’re reading: please give Sabina a girlfriend. Or at least a beanie. Seriously, we’d love you forever.

Queer Twitter has been freaking out about the release of these stills. Our fave, Cameron Esposito, has even taken fashion inspo from Sabina:

It’s no secret that Kristen is treasured by the LGBTQI community. Since the Twilight days, she’s exuded that powerful bisexual energy we all love. The lesbians in particular are wild for her. Robert Pattinson who? Twitter user @jeannakadlec spoke for the masses:

Same, Jeanna, same.

@Ohhgabii summed up our feelings perfectly:

Big mood, Gabi.

Kristen shares the screen with equally lovely ladies Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska, playing the roles of Jane Kano and Elena Houghlin respectively. Oh, and Sam Claflin and Noah Centineo are also set to be in the reboot, so bisexual Twitter is going to thrive. The lady-shaped trio look fab together, and we can’t wait for the film to hit the screens in November 2019.

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