There is a lot to consider before starting a family and getting fertility treatment…


For many, it’s difficult to know where to start their research when deciding to start a family – and all the information available online can seem overwhelming.

This is why we have gathered five tips on where you can find the right information and get the trustworthy and personal advice you need before you and your partner embark on your journey toward parenthood…

Family and friends 

A great place to start is to ask your family and friends for advice. Maybe you know another couple who went through fertility treatment or others who are considering the same path to parenthood as you? It’s always enlightening to hear about others’ experiences or to share your thoughts with people you love and trust.

Follow a blog 

Another great way to get the information you need is to follow relevant blogs. These can be blogs from celebrities, individuals like you or from the fertility industry. Personals blogs can provide you with personals experiences, feelings and opinions while blogs from the fertility industry can give you expert knowledge and in-depth answers to more complicated or hands-on questions.

Cryos has created a blog that combines the two and provides you with both personal stories and professional knowledge about fertility treatment with donor sperm, information about sperm donors, pregnancy, donor conception, and ethics in general. Visit the blog here.

Visit a fertility conference 

If you want to meet with all the fertility specialists or if you like seminars and lectures, visiting a fertility conference is an excellent option for you. Two of the biggest fertility conferences in the UK are the Fertility Show in London and in Manchester. Learn more about the conferences here.

Join fertility forums 

Want to talk with like-minded people? Joining a fertility forum can be an important step for you as it gives you the possibility to ask the questions that your friends and family can’t answer for you to a group people who are all in the same boat.

Family Dreams is an online community on Facebook, where you can feel safe and talk about your thoughts and your journey toward parenthood. No matter if you are still in the consideration process, if you have become pregnant with donor sperm, or if you have already had a baby, you are more than welcome to join the group and engage in the conversation!

Counselling at your fertility clinic 

If you are further in the process and already know where you want to get fertility treatment, getting counselling at the fertility clinic is also always a good option. Counselling can help you to handle the feelings involved in the treatment process as well as cope with any disappointments you may suffer on the way.

Every licensed UK clinic is required to offer counselling, but how they practically deliver on that commitment can vary. Some clinics may have a counsellor available onsite so you can talk to them whenever you need to, whilst others might refer you to a counsellor who is only available at certain times during the week. Talk to your clinic to find out how their counselling service works.

We hope that these tips helped you in your research phase.

If you have questions about fertility treatment with donor sperm you are also welcome to visit Cryos’ webpage or contact Cryos customer service: Phone: +45 8676 0699, E-mail: 

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