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Recently judges in Italy started the process of removing non-biological lesbian mothers from their children’s birth certificates, robbing their families of the rights they once had. To no longer be legally recognised as a parent to your child is not only difficult to face emotionally, but it can create instability in the family — an issue that has been expressed in an open letter to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni from the EuroCentralAsian Lesbian* Community (EL*C).

Protests have already begun across Europe (so far in France, Belgium, Portugal and Spain) which are supporting the families that are affected by the politics of Giorgia Meloni’s government. Although the stance of the Italian government is unlikely to change, the EL*C will continue to challenge this harmful policy — making sure that their voices are heard and that lesbian mothers in Italy know that they have the full support of LGBTQIA communities across Europe.

“We stand vigilant and we will ensure that the nefarious specter of the far-right will not shadow Europe once more. We will resist by staying strong and building alliances between communities and movements against the far-right.” – EL*C 

On Wednesday 2 August at 5pm, a peaceful protest will be held at the Italian Embassy, Kings Yard, London W1K 4EH. Join the protest if you can, as this is an important way to show our solidarity with lesbian mothers in Italy.

Lotte Jeffs, co-organiser of the protest and co-author of The Queer Parent, says: “I can only begin to imagine how queer parents in Italy are feeling right now. The thought that I could be removed from my daughter’s birth certificate and essentially erased as her parent in an official sense is terrifying. It goes to show how we must never take hard hard won rights for granted. As we’re seeing in America  now – progress is being rolled back in order to win votes from the far right. It’s so important we show our solidarity to those in Italy affected directly or indirectly by this attack on LGBTQ rights.”

Visit to have a further look into how the EL*C are fighting for queer rights, and how you can support lesbian mothers in Italy.

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