The indie singer-songwriter talks to DIVA about her new album and how she met her girlfriend


Four years after her last album, Any Human Friend, English indie singer-songwriter Marika Hackman is coming back with her new album Big Sigh. Known for her “unapologetically queer” music, her last album was heralded for its celebration of queer sex, love and culture. This new album, born after her hiatus during the Covid-19 pandemic, is definitely a continuation of this theme.

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Marika on…

Her identity: “All my records are super queer by virtue of who I am as an out and proud lesbian”

Comparing how queerness is represented differently in her new album: “Big Sigh feels like a more grown-up version of how I was singing about queerness in my first album”

The creative process: “It was the hardest record I’ve ever made. I had to dig very deep to find inspiration lyrically”

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