The producer and songwriter has dropped a track off her upcoming album 


When producer and songwriter TOMI told me she’d be dressing up as a sexy nun for a music video, I wasn’t quite prepared for the release of her new single aptly titled NUN. Accompanied by a very raunchy music video, TOMI’s new song NUN is another glimpse at her upcoming album Late Bloomer. 

TOMI said: “I grew up catholic going to church every Sunday and catholic school during the week. When I came out as a lesbian I carried a lot of shame and guilt with me. I was living in New York City and was feeling the chaos of dating and heartbreak and partying.”

She continued: “I was starting to fall in love with a woman and my emotions were bonkers. I wrote NUN to cope with those feelings – daydreaming about giving it all up (love, music, chaos) and becoming a NUN.”

With roaring guitars and an unforgettable music video, TOMI’s new track is definitely going to be a firm favourite on our playlists. This indie ballad explores themes of shame, love, and life. The steamy music video directed by Julie Pacino is sure to cement TOMI as a lesbian icon. 

“The song weaves through the video effortlessly as the NUN, who is praying away the gay, ultimately breaks free from self-fulfilled boundaries and becomes her full self,” TOMI explained about the music video. “I wanted the video to be playful and campy, visually bringing the audience into an alternate universe – referencing both The Birth Of Venus and But I’m A Cheerleader. Julie Pacino seamlessly weaves the song and the video into a psychedelic lesbian nun dreamscape.”

Having just come back from opening for none other than KT Tunstall on tour, TOMI is gearing up to release her hotly anticipated album, Late Bloomer. Alongside her own music, TOMI has also produced alongside the likes of Tove Lo and Bre Kennedy. 

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