This #ScorpioSeason join us in putting a spotlight on these LGBTQIA stars and allies


Happy Scorpio Season (23 October-21 November) to all who celebrate. To celebrate, we’re putting a spotlight on some LGBTQIA celebrities, icons and allies who are total Scorpios.

Water signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio) are credited as being very emotional and sensitive. Unlike their fellow water signs, Scorpios are known to have a tough exterior. This is just one of the many reasons they are often credited as being one of the most misunderstood signs. They are known to be honest, even if this can make them come across as a little mean. They’ve also earned the reputation of being extremely ambitious.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive in…

Willow Smith

The Transparent Soul singer was born on Halloween. And yes, that does make Willow the ultimate Scorpio.


Jodie Foster

This trailblazer was born on 19 November. Do you share a birthday with this celesbian icon?

Amandla Stenberg

The Bodies, Bodies, Bodies star told Wired: “I’m a Libra-Scorpio. I’m right on the cusp.” That’s right, the actor was born on 23 October, the first day of Scorpio season.

Anne Hathaway

There are so many unforgettable emotional scenes that Anne has portrayed onscreen. Of course she’s a Scorpio! And we can’t wait to see her in the book-to-screen adaptation of Eileen!


Karamo Brown

Queer Eye’s culture expert is a total Scorpio. And if you want to see more astrological info on the Fab Five, check out this splendid Twitter/X thread.


Frank Ocean

Not only is Frank’s sun sign in Scorpio, but his Mercury, Venus and Pluto all are too. No wonder his songs make us cry so easily.

Gabrielle Union

This unapologetic trans ally is a Scorpio, and we can’t get enough of her.


Gwendoline Christie

Not only is Gwendoline a super Scorpio (with her Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Uranus all being in Scorpio) but a lot of the characters she plays give off major Scorpio vibes to be.


Tilda Swinton

Another actor whose credits screams Scorpio vibes. This gay icon has played so many vampires, witches and dark roles.


Ryan Gosling

Repeat after me. Scorpios are Ken-ough.



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