From Jenna Ortega and Tessa Thompson to Cardi B, there are so many queer icons on this list


Most of the people closest to me are Libras, so it’s no surprise that I’m a big fan of the astrological sign. However, I’m definitely not in the minority for this viewpoint. Libras are arguably one of the most popular zodiac signs. But why is this? 

Well, for one thing, they are ruled by Venus – the planet of beauty and love – they tend to be romantic, charismatic and creative. Many Libras are charming extroverts, but even those who are more introverted have an alluring energy to them. 

They are known for having an impulsive side, which can make them a little chaotic. They like to try new things. Yes, we all have that one Libra friend who changes their hair colour and/or style on a monthly to weekly basis. They also have a penchant for gossip and you’ll likely hear your Libra friends advise you to “do it for the plot”. 

Libras are represented by the scales and are associated with justice. Many Libras will passionately advocate for social causes that are close to their hearts. 

Did you know that Libra season starts tomorrow (23 September) and goes on until 23 October? To celebrate, we’re putting a spotlight on these LGBTQIA celebrities, allies and queer icons who are total Libras.

Cardi B

Back in 2016, the bisexual rapper Tweeted: “I’m such a Libra it’s not even funny. My sign represents me so well.” And, Cardi, we have to agree. 


St. Vincent 

This WLW icon is super creative and truly one of a kind, for the most part. But back in 2019, a viral Tweet made it clear that astrologically speaking, she’s eerily similar to Lil Wayne. The two celebrities have nearly identical natal charts. 


Julien Baker 

This boygenius member is well aware of how much of a Libra she is. In one interview she said: “I do find myself being annoyingly diplomatic. It’s Big Libra Energy.” 


Tessa Thompson 

The Marvel Cinematic Universe star has certainly made quite the few headlines due to her dating life, and has made many a heads turn with her versatile range of ever changing looks. Yep, you just know she’s a Libra.


Alice Oseman

Alice Oseman is a novelist and illustrator. She’s also now the executive producer and scriptwriter for the Netflix adaptation of her best-selling graphic novel series, Heartstopper. So yep, this multi-talented creative definitely has big Libra energy. Alice has also spoken out repeatedly on a lot of social causes close to her heart. Do you remember what I said about those scales? 

Joe Locke

Oh, and speaking of Heartstopper… Joe is certainly a Libra, but his birthday (24 September) means he was born on the Virgo Libra cusp, which means he has traits of both signs. Those born between 19-25 September tend to have the charismatic traits associated with Libras and the detail-orientated ones of Virgo. 

Michaela Coel 

In an interview with W, the actor and filmmaker addressed her thoughts surrounding her zodiac sign. “Well, I’m also not balanced. I’m extreme,” she said. “So it’s weird. However, I do see scary truths when I look the stuff up, I just don’t understand why or how it’s true.” 


Jenna Ortega 

The star of Netflix’s instant phenomenon, Wednesday, has both her Sun and Mercury sign in Libra. In her WIRED autocomplete interview, when answering the question “Is Jenna Ortega a Libra?” she had this to say: “Yes I am. And that’s about all I could tell you.”


Catherine Zeta Jones 

And speaking of Wednesday, Catherine plays Jenna’s onscreen mother (Morticia Addams) in the Netflix show. And she’s also a total Libra. 



I’ve known at least two people IRL who have the Libra scales tattooed on their bodies. And bisexual pop star Halsey is definitely a proud Libra. She has a tattoo inspired by the zodiac sign. 


Bella Thorne 

Libras can be known to be a little chaotic or indecisive. These are traits that the pansexual actor certainly embodied when she Tweeted: “#Libra it’s so hard for me to snap out of a bad mood and the whole time I’m thinking why am I in a bad mood?”


Susan Sarandon 

The Rocky Horror Picture Show actor and bisexual icon is the perfect example of a Libra who has combined their creativity with their activism and want for social change. 


Noah Schnapp 

At the time of writing, the TikTok search term “Noah Schnapp being a libra” has over 130 million views. And after perusing many of the videos, I can definitely confirm that the Stranger Things star totally embodies his sun sign. 


Jazz Jennings

Jazz is a transgender YouTube star who expresses herself in an artistic way and also has a clear passion for changing the world. Total Libra! 


Brie Larson 

Both Brie’s Sun and Moon signs are in Libra. And c’mon, she’s such a Libra! Even the characters she plays, such as Captain Marvel, are obsessed with balance and justice. 


Julie Andrews 

In a 2019 Oprah interview, the certified gay icon had this to say: “I think I’m a rebel, and then it takes me forever to make up my mind about things… I’m a true Libra.” 



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  1. Libran’s who are xxy intersex & non binary/ gender fluid, have dyspraxia & are pan lesbian often exaspirate our partners with our muddledness.

    We are a good example of the choas theory!

    We often have problems remembering who and what we are, especially at monthly point- when being lethargic/ absent minded & non assertive & indecisive is made into an art form, oh we might not also finish things & tasks we start too!

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