GLAAD has conducted research into the LGBTQIA visibility films served up in 2022


GLAAD, the world’s largest non-profit LGBTQIA advocacy organisation, has conducted its annual Studio Responsibility Index report. This year, the group conducted their research by analysing 350 films released in 2022. The distributors of these films were: A24, Amazon Studios, Apple TV+, Lionsgate, NBCUniversal, Netflix, Paramount Global, Sony Pictures Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros. Discovery.

Of the 350 films, 100 (28.5%) included at least one LGBTQIA character and in total, GLAAD counted 292 LGBTQIA characters featured across those 100 films. 117 (40%) of those characters were people of colour.

According to GLAAD’s findings, 163 of the LGBTQIA characters were men, 119 were women, and only 10 were non-binary. Of the 163 men, six were transgender, and of the 119 women, this number rose by one to seven. While this number is still quite low, GLAAD’s study has found that this is a record high for trans representation in film.

Similarly, a mere 11 LGBTQIA characters were counted with a disability, which may be a record high, but vastly underrepresents the the actual number of LGBTQIA people with disabilities.

It should also be noted that more than half of the 292 total LGBTQIA characters had less than five minutes of screen time.

On top of this, of the 10 distributors, only A24, Disney and NBCUniversal received a “good” rating.

With all of the above in mind, while representation is at a high, there’s still so much more progress to be made – especially during this time of increased anti-LGBTQIA laws and attitudes around the world.

Earlier this year A24’s Everything Everywhere All At Once made lesbian history at the Oscars when the film was awarded Best Picture. It is undeniable that LGBTQIA stories strike a chord with audiences both inside and outside of our community. We deserve more screen time. We deserve intersectional queer stories. We deserve to be seen. Here’s to hoping we continue to see LGBTQIA representation rise in the years to come.


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