The series stars Stephen Fry as the protagonist’s doctor 


If you’re done binge-watching Heartstopper and you’re looking for a new LGBTQIA coming-of-age series to watch, then get ready for Netflix’s brand new show Everything Now. Starring Sophie Wilde as the central character 16-year-old Mia, Everything Now focuses on the life of a teen adjusting to school after being hospitalised with an eating disorder.

In the trailer which Netflix has just dropped, we see Mia navigating life back in school with everything from parties, crushes, to friendships to contend with. With the opening lines being an exasperated Mia saying “Mirror, mirror on the wall. Give me a f**king break”, you know that this series is going to be great. 

Within the trailer we see Mia having a big sapphic realisation when she spots a girl dancing at a party. We’ve all been there. As Mia watches the girl dance, the voice over even says “Marry Me”.

We also see Mia creating a bucket list of everything she wants to achieve back in school which is possibly one of our favourite coming-of-age tropes ever! 

With a clear focus on Mia’s recovery, Everything Now is vitally important for shedding light on the issue of eating disorders within the LGBTQIA community. In a 2022 report by The Trevor Project, 9% of LGBTQIA teens were diagnosed with an eating disorder, and a further 29% suspected they had one but hadn’t been diagnosed. Mia’s storyline also fits into other high-school LGBTQIA series such as Heartstopper which opened a dialogue about eating disorders through the character of Charlie Spring. 

Everything Now is due to premiere on Netflix on 5 October this year. 

If you are struggling with an eating disorder or know someone who is, please seek out information or help from Beat

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