Here’s your spoiler filled run down of the penultimate episode of the second season


In the sixth episode of Gentleman Jack, we saw political tensions continue to build and pressures rise as more of Anne’s secrets were revealed by an anonymous pen pal. The episode ended with Ann Walker choosing a life with her wife above all else. 

It feels like we’ve only just been reunited with our favourite lesbian period drama, and yet, after last night’s episode there’s only one episode left in this instalment of the show. Last night’s episode was filled with more family drama, furious letter writing and plenty of humour. It was at times a slow burn, but with only one episode left, viewers are eager to see where these characters will find themselves at the end of this chapter. So let’s jump right in, but before we do, here’s your official spoiler warning.

After overcoming many obstacles, the two Ann(e)s are getting organised when it comes to setting up their futures together, much to the dismay of Mr and Mrs Priestley. One of the consequences of the estate division is that several properties need to be vacated before it can take place. One of these being the school and Sunday school run by the Priestleys. The turn of events means that Walker, Lister and Washington will all have to step in as teachers until they can find a proper master to take over. 

Anne is still set on opening a hotel, though even Aunt Lister and her father are full of doubt when it comes to this latest entrepreneurial pursuit. She’s determined to borrow even more money. Things seem to go well, at least for now, for Anne. She meets architect Mr Harper and manages to land a deal with a magistrate without having to go through her rival Christopher Rawson. But will things continue to go smoothly? 

There are plenty of moments of comedic relief throughout this episode, through Anne and Marian sarcastically breaking the fourth wall to Ann stifling a laugh when a student mutters “bastard” under her breath. And of course, Matthew and Eugenie were caught together in the woods. Whilst Ann finds the entire situation hilarious, Anne is far from happy. Eugenie offers up a proposition: “If I marry Matthew, will you keep me on until I can get on his farm? His father promised him a farm. But when it’s free – which he expects to be soon – he says Matthew can have it. Then we can get married.” Could we get another finale wedding this season? 

When Lister, Walker and Washington temporarily take on teaching, there’s room for plenty of humour. However, fans were reminded of an earlier episode when Eliza and Henry witnessed a not-so-secret kiss between Lister and Walker, unbeknownst to them. After one of the students slips up and calls Anne “Sir” instead of “Miss”, Eliza whispers to a classmate: “Me and Henry Hardcastle once saw her snogging Ms Walker.” Will this gossip spread and, if so, what will be the fall out? 

Throughout the episode, Ann’s brother-in-law, Captain Sutherland, is unhappy with being outsmarted (once again) by the women in his life. Whilst he never shares a screen with the two Ann(e)s, the tension continues to build as he exchanges letters with his sister-in-law (and Anne) throughout the episode. His final letter angrily reads: “As our properties and Ms Lister’s join, I cannot help expressing my complete upset that the titles have been at Shibden Hall, which I should have decidedly objected to if I had known, what is going on, I do not know.”

A lot could go down in the season finale. Whilst Mariana Lawton was absent from this episode, her mischievous glances to the camera when we last saw her surely means that she’s up to no good. Of course, the family drama will continue to escalate. We still don’t know who submitted the wedding announcement to the papers, nor who penned the anonymous letter to Ann. One thing is for sure, a storm is brewing. All we can do is wait to see what fate awaits these characters. 

What did fans think of the episode?


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