Cancel your plans and add the onscreen WLW event of the year to your calendar


For many months, we fans have been holding our breaths waiting for find out when we can reunited with the fabulous cast of Gentleman Jack. Today, the BBC released a new teaser trailer, new images and an *official* release date. Cancel all your plans DIVAs, our favourite sapphic period drama returns to our screens on 10 April. It’s sure to be the onscreen WLW event of the year.

The new teaser looks SENSATIONAL. The two Ann(e)s are ready to set up home together, combine their wealth and solidify themselves as the ultimate power couple. But it’s not easy to do so in 1834. All eyes are on the two women and it certainly won’t be an easy ride. Anne Lister’s wit, authenticity and entrepreneurial spirit continues to intimidate the locals. Could her refusal to make herself smaller and keep a low profile put her in danger?

Joanna Scanlan joins Gentleman Jack this season as Miss Lister’s past lover, Isabella “Tib” Norcliffe. And with the teaser showing Mariana Lawton telling Anne, “I’m not the other woman, she is” there seems to be a rivalry out for Anne’s heart. How will Ann Walker handle crossing paths with at least two of her wife’s former flames? To top it all off, it seems an uprising is brewing. There’s certainly going to be a lot of drama.

This series will continue to use Anne Lister’s real life diary entries as its source. Anne’s story is based in historical fact and the five million words she wrote in her journal. There’s certainly a lot of ground to cover.

In need of more Gentleman Jack juice? We’ve got you covered! Our April issue features an exclusive conversation with Suranne Jones and Sophie Rundle. Readers will also get to find out more about how creator Sally Wainwright brought “the first modern lesbian” to life. Make sure you grab you’re copy:


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